Quality Service

Quality customer service is not the delivery of the best service to customers, but the delivery of appropriate services according to the needs of your customers, herein achieving total customer satisfaction.
In quality customer service, the answer is always the customer. Companies should focus only on the needs of their target market and how they can meet those needs in a standardized way to the 100% satisfaction of that market ensuring all necessary criteria has been fulfilled.
1. Accuracy – The subject of accuracy in the service is not only justified by logic. Solutions must be accurate to the needs of customers. If the customer deems an answer not to be of relevance, then correct or not the problem will probably still remain. As well as working within the company, we must also try to think outside of the box.
2. Time – Customer service is available in two ways: service time and waiting time. Service time is the time that the company uses to service each customer. However, unlike in a hospital, for example, where you can arrive with a problem, take some medication then wait 30 minutes to see if it works or not, most customer service departments there is no luxury of waiting time, certainly not 30 minutes! We have to act sharp to make customers feel satisfied, relaxing while waiting, explaining while giving ourselves time to think, but ultimately providing a solution which makes the customer happy enough to continue doing business with us.
3. Consistency – A standardized service that retains the same, or similar quality over a period of time. When customers use the service, no matter at what time or which representitive is assigned they must feel confident that the service will always be equal. The standard must be the same every time, all of the time.


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